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The Middlefork Savanna Forest Preserve is a natural gem hidden in the heart of South Chicago, Illinois, just a few miles south of Chicago. This flat straight bike path is on the side of Orchard Road and is located north of the intersection of North Main Street and South Park Road.

The southern segment is bordered by the Calumet River to the north, the northern segment by North Main Street and South Park Road, and the southern segment is bordered by the Green Belt Forest Preserve.

Struckman Boulevard Path stretches from Bartlett Road to State Route 59 and is less than a mile long, narrowing from the end of Sunset Park to the end of SR 59. The Prairie Point Trail is a scenic neighborhood route that connects the long Grove Road Trail twice, and the Lily Cache Greenway runs east-west along the Bollingbrook-Plainfield border like the ComEd Greenways. Kuhn Road trails start and end in the west of the city, from South Park Road in the north to Lakeview Road and North Main Street.

The Lake George Trail, as its name suggests, runs along the north shore of Lake George before turning east to bypass the eastern shore of Wolf Lake. The North Shore Channel Trail stretches west of the city, from Lakeview Road and North Main Street to State Route 59 and Lake Park Road to the south and north to Lake View Road.

The Valley Line Trail is also known as Sauganash Trail, but its exact location is not specified. The area, currently occupied by South Holland, Illinois, was settled in 1846 by immigrants from the south of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the Calumet River Valley, an area between Lake George and Lake Michigan. Demographically, Southern Illinois is the second largest city in Illinois after Chicago, with a population of about 2.5 million. This town was built on low ground near the river Calumets and was originally called Laage Prairie or Low Prairie to distinguish it from the Dutch settlement, which was originally called Leage (not to be specified) North Holland.

27.2% of the population have a tertiary degree, 26.0% have a tertiary degree, 11.5% have a tertiary degree and 11% have a bachelor's degree. Of the population, 7.9% have no health insurance, 10.7% are widowed or bedridden and 9.8% live in poverty. Of the people with disabilities, 8.1% work in the private sector, 2.4% in the public sector, 1.6% as public employees, 3.3% at home and 10% on the street, 9% with a disability or have some kind of mental health problem.

The state's three leading hospitals are the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, Illinois Medical Center and Illinois State Hospital. The top three Christian denominations in that state were the United Methodist Church, Episcopal Church and United Church of Christ, considering they are all in Southern Illinois and not in other parts of the country.

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Catch a baseball game, watch a movie or play or try your luck on a bowling alley, bar, restaurant or even a golf course. There is a wide variety of food to choose from, as well as many options for dinner and snacks.

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More About South Holland

More About South Holland